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Snorkels & Sunburns

This past Sunday was incredibly busy for C.J. and I. First, we slept in. Then, we walked to the local store for beach drinks. After that, we spent around 4 hours at the beach, reading books and snorkeling. Finally, we finished our day by reading even more inside and then going to sleep. Very, very busy.

I had full intentions to spend a long time in the ocean with my new snorkel, but I quickly discovered that the water was not clear enough for me to see anything. Because of this, snorkeling has been postponed until I’m in a body of water where I can see more than a foot in front of my face. But it was still fun to try out my incredibly cute new mask (C.J. says I look like a dork).

After my anticlimactic snorkel adventure, C.J. and I spent the next few hours laying on the beach reading our books. C.J. read “Ready Player Two”, which is a dystopian virtual reality type book. I read a book about genetic engineering, but it wasn’t good enough to even mention the name. Also, I would like to state that before snorkeling and reading, C.J. and I did put on sunscreen. While C.J. escaped the sun with only a glow, I managed to get burnt to a crisp.

With every Sunday comes a Monday, but I noticed that I don’t dread Mondays quite as much when living down here. Our Monday and Tuesday have been pretty uneventful. We worked and we relaxed. But it’s nice to be lazy because we will have busier days in our future. This weekend we plan to explore more of Alabama. The next weekend, we will be driving to Florida for my cousin Sydney’s wedding! And the following weekend is Thanksgiving, which will be fun because C.J.’s parent’s are coming here to Alabama to visit us.

Until next time!

-Jess May

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