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Remember the Alamo

C.J. and I started our February off by moving into an Airbnb in San Antonio, TX. This will be our home for the next month. My first impression of the Airbnb was that the exterior looked a little rough and I was nervous about what the inside would be like. But my worries were soon expelled as I toured our new home; it was clean and welcoming. This Airbnb is a two bedroom, one bathroom, with a full kitchen, washer and dryer, and living room. We are both very satisfied with our housing choice. 

I don’t often talk about my job, mostly because it’s pretty anticlimactic. For the past 6 months, I’ve been working at the same company as my mom; Boundless Network. My title is Sales Order Coordinator, which means I help Sales reps get their orders processed. The team that I was working with taught me a lot, but ultimately I decided to transition to the coverage team of the company where I’m able to support a variety of reps.

The whole point of me talking about all of that is to say that I finally got the chance to work with my mom! It was fun to get to work side by side with her and learn from her. It’s rare that I get to help out on her team,  but I enjoy it when I can! In addition to working all week, C.J. and I decided to get a 1 month gym membership so that we can get out of the house more during the week. We found a great gym and have enjoyed spending time there. 

Our first Friday in San Antonio consisted of C.J. and I going on a Mardi Gras pub crawl in the downtown area. Donning our purple and green beads, C.J.  and I met up with the group at the first bar called On The Rocks Pub. We got bracelets that allowed us to get into all of the bars without having to pay a cover fee, which was super nice. We followed the group to a few nearby bars and C.J. met a fellow cyber security worker that chatted with us. After 4 bars, C.J. and I decided to part ways with the group and found a food truck with insanely good cheese quesadillas. 

On Saturday, C.J. and I went to the Historic Market area in San Antonio. This area was full of Hispanic culture; there were fun shops, decorations, food, and entertainment. We started at the food court and had some Mexican food for lunch while watching a talented Spanish singer preform. The food court area branches off into many little shops; C.J. and I explored this area next. The shops were full of everything from jewelry to marionette dolls. After we finished exploring the Market area, we went to the Riverwalk.

Near the Riverwalk, we found an area called “La Villita: Little Village of San Antonio”. This area made it feel like you were in a completely different town; there were shops, food, and pretty architecture. I managed to find a shop with two cats roaming the shelves. Of course I took my time in that shop, befriending the kitties. Although I didn’t walk out with a new cat, I did walk out of the shop with a fun new shot glass for my collection. 

After La Villita, C.J. and I spotted the infamous Love Lock Bridge. This bridge was full of a wide variety of locks, all proclaiming love. C.J. and I didn’t put a lock on the bridge…but I still think I’ve got him locked down. Next up, we got an early dinner at a restaurant on the Riverwalk called Little Rhein Prost Haus. We sat on the outside patio right next to the Riverwalk and enjoyed some food and drinks; this place also has live music. This German bar caught C.J.’s attention because he has friends who live in Germany and has visited the country a couple of times. Two of his German friends are actually getting married this summer and C.J. and I will be going to Germany for the wedding! This vacation has motivated me to start learning German, so let’s see how that goes. 

Great veggie burger!
Heavenly drinks

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the Alamo! This was our next stop, and while I’ve heard of this place, I honestly didn’t know much about it. Luckily, with free entry, we were able to explore the Alamo and learn the history of it. 

The only picture I got of the Alamo
Not the Alamo, just a pretty building nearby

After the Alamo, C.J. and I stopped at Devils River Distillery where we got a flight of whiskey. I tried each whiskey with C.J. and tried my best to throw out words like “peated” and “mash bill”. I’m getting better at drinking whiskey like a connoisseur, but I think that vodka and tequila will always be my favorite. 

To end our day, C.J. and I walked around the Riverwalk mall before eating an amazing Italian dinner at Luciano Ristorante Italiano. It was a great day full of exploring! The next day, Sunday, we visited a wildlife ranch. But that has to be it’s own post, so stay tuned for that!

Until next time,

Jess May

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