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Up, Up, and Away!

C.J. and I started our final weekend in Galveston by going out to eat on Friday, January 27th, at Jimmy’s on the Pier. This restaurant on the water had incredible pretzel bites and frozen pina coladas. After dinner, we went to the movie theater to watch Infinity Pool. This turned out to be one of the worst movies we’d ever seen…and my movie picking privileges are on thin ice.

The next day, C.J. and I decided we wanted to see Galveston from a new perspective. We booked a flight with Galveston Helicopter Tours and buckled up. Our helicopter consisted of our two French pilots up front, and C.J. and I in the back. After putting on our headsets, we were ready for take off. This was our first time in a helicopter, and it was amazing. Our flight was only 10 minutes long, but we were able to see so much. Our pilot flew us across Galveston and out over the ocean. It was a much different feeling than being on an airplane. Our favorite part was when the pilot turned our helicopter almost completely sideways.

This short flight inspired C.J. to work towards his pilots license someday. I’d like to be a pilot, too, or maybe a copilot. But my lack of directional knowledge and inability to navigate tells me I’m better off a passenger. You may be thinking that I probably got some cool pictures with my camera while up in the air. Unfortunately, my camera settings were wrong and none of the shots turned out. So, you are stuck with grainy screenshots from the video I took. Please forgive me.

Au revoir!

After our flight, C.J. and I went back to the pier to visit our cat/raccoon friends. I kept my promise and stayed a safe distance from the raccoon. While at the pier, we explored a nearby trail; we would’ve gone further but the Texas mosquitos were ravenous. After the pier, we decided to head over to downtown Galveston to browse the shops some more. We went back into the store that we knew had cats and C.J. pretended to take a long time looking around so that I could play with the cats. He’s the best husband ever.

It was time for dinner and we decided to return to Sky Bar to feed my new found sushi addiction. This time we only had only bottle of sake, which was a good choice. Following dinner, C.J. and I went to Stuttgarden Rooftop Bar and got a drink while looking over the downtown area. The weather was nice and the view was nicer.

On Sunday we decided to return to Houston to check out some more of the area. Initially, I had the day completely planned out and I was very proud of this plan. It turns out that my planning skills need a bit of work. We started the day by going to a flea market…except the flea market was the day before and we had missed it. Oops. Luckily we found some good ramen for C.J. in the area and made a new plan. We decided to head over to a few thrift shops; they were very cute stores but a little too bougie for me.

Our next stop was the Cidercade, which is an arcade that serves alcohol. The concept is cool, and I’m sure it’s better at night when it’s adults only. But we went during the day and it was way too crowded with kids. That’s okay, though, because C.J. got to play Guitar Hero and that’s all that mattered.

We decided to check out one more bar called Wonder Bar. This bar is pretty much just Instagram backdrops with alcohol. So of course I really liked it. C.J. got a beer while I spun the giant wheel to get a mystery shot. Then we wandered around and took cute pictures of each other in front of the fun backgrounds and props.

Our last stop for the night was an Italian dinner at Fugo Sigo. The food was so good; I definitely recommend it! As we were about to leave the parking ramp after dinner, we decided to drive to the top of the garage and check out the view. We took some pictures of the city and then headed back home.  It was the perfect final weekend of our month long stay in Galveston.

Downtown Houston

The next two days consisted of us packing up and traveling to San Antonio, TX for the month of February. C.J. and I really enjoyed our time in Galveston. We both agreed that one month was enough time because the island isn’t too big and we were able to do everything we wanted in that time span. We are excited to try living in the city of San Antonio!

Until next time, 

Jess May

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