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Beware of Ostriches

On Sunday, February 5th, C.J. and I visited the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio, TX. At this ranch, visitors are able to travel through the Safari Drive Thru in their own cars. The ranch/refuge consists of 450 acres of land with over 40 species from all around the world. C.J. and I drove […]

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Remember the Alamo

C.J. and I started our February off by moving into an Airbnb in San Antonio, TX. This will be our home for the next month. My first impression of the Airbnb was that the exterior looked a little rough and I was nervous about what the inside would be like. But my worries were soon […]

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Up, Up, and Away!

C.J. and I started our final weekend in Galveston by going out to eat on Friday, January 27th, at Jimmy’s on the Pier. This restaurant on the water had incredible pretzel bites and frozen pina coladas. After dinner, we went to the movie theater to watch Infinity Pool. This turned out to be one of […]

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Whiskey Wonderland

This blog post is written by guest star C.J. May! My wife, Jess, is the best gift giver I know. She spends a lot of time keeping track of the things people like and taking notes of things they might want as a gift. Since graduating college, I’ve become a big fan of whiskey. I […]

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