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Sunday Funday

On Sunday, January 8th, C.J. and I decided to explore some more of our island home. We started the day by testing out my new drone in the parking lot. We were going to take it around Galveston to get some arial views… but our flying skills aren’t up to par yet. Fun little tip: don’t fly a drone in a small room when you don’t know how to turn it off unless you want to break your drone’s blades on your husbands foot. Just a fun little tip.

Outside of our condo.

After we were done piloting the drone, C.J. and I drove to a boardwalk carnival called Pleasure Pier. This pier has an admission fee of $28 each and features a few rides, games, carnival food, some shops and a restaurant. We were glad we checked Pleasure Pier out, but to be honest, the price tag is not worth it unless you have kids. Despite there not being much to do, C.J. and I played a few arcade games and enjoyed watching a surfer from the pier.

Our next stop was downtown Galveston. There were tons of shops, restaurants, and bars lining multiple streets. We didn’t manage to see everything in one day, but we had fun exploring. There were two stores that stood out to me. First is the Galveston Bookshop, which has a creative exterior and a good selection of books inside. The second store is Visker and Scrivener Quill Shop. You might be thinking, “wow, I didn’t know you were into quills”. To which I will say” I’m not into quills but there were two adorable cats in the store so I had to act interested in the products so I could be around the cats longer”. Another store we enjoyed was Antiques on 23rd; I can never pass up a vintage shop.

After finishing our shopping, C.J. and I went to Sky Bar where I ate sushi for the first time! I got the vegetarian sushi rolls and veggie spring rolls and it was life changing. Eating here did require a little “how to use chopsticks” lesson with C.J., but after awhile I got the hang of it! I did think I was going into cardiac arrest after trying wasabi for the first time, but I’m happy to announce that I did survive. The sushi bar was our last stop and with that, we wrapped up our first weekend in Galveston!

Until next time,

Jess May

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