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Car for two, please.

Last Friday, C.J. and I walked to a nearby restaurant called The Sunliner Diner. It is a 50’s style diner with a great atmosphere! Upon walking into the diner, I saw that their infamous car booth was empty. Of course we had to sit there. The menus were cute “old” newspapers that matched the aesthetic perfectly. We both loved the food there and plan to go back again.

After dinner, we checked out a couple more bars within walking distance of our condo. The first one was MudBugs Pub, but we didn’t stay long. Partly because the lack of customers, and partly because of the unsettling decor. We ended up spending the rest of our night at Lauria’s by the Beach. Lauria’s is a tiny little bar with outdoor music. We chose to sit inside and get drinks. After awhile, the sweetest bartender brought out some trivia games for C.J. and I to play. It was 90s trivia, so we didn’t know a lot of the topics, but it was still a ton of fun.

The next two days, Saturday and Sunday, C.J. took an extremely difficult cybersecurity exam. He spent SIXTEEN hours on Saturday and ELEVEN hours on Sunday taking this exam. Insane. Despite the long hours, he passed this exam and is now a Certified Red Team Operator (basically he is a certified genius). Everyone go tell C.J. congratulations! And while he did all of that, I went to thrift stores, an outlet mall, target, and Starbucks. So basically, we both had a super busy weekend.

Our weekdays have stayed pretty uneventful; we like to relax after a long day of working remote in our pajamas. And while I’m disapointed that the temperature here is dropping a bit, I am grateful that we have no snow here (sorry to everyone living in Iowa). This Friday, C.J. and I will be driving 5 1/2 hours to Florida and meeting up with some of my family at an Airbnb. Then, we will all get up Saturday and have an amazing day at my cousin’s wedding. Next week, C.J.’s parents are coming to visit us. I’m guessing I will have a lot of fun things to blog about these next couple of weeks!

Now, to end this post, here are some shots I took of an Alabama sunset:

Until next time,

– Jess May

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